Seizmik Vera-Fold Windshields

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The best folding windshield design with a full-perimeter seal design that leaves no gap between windshield and roof; seals as good as any full windshield.


  • 0.220" thick material: see vehicle specific model for material choices
  • Automotive-grade, high-deflection bulb gasket around entire windshield perimeter
  • Top folds against the bottom, nothing contacts the hood
  • Quickly release/secure upper windshield section with simple twist of two composite levers; no tools required
  • Top windshield held in folded position securely and easily with two heavy-duty captive rubber plugs
  • Mechanically attached, UV-protected transparent hinge is durable and replaceable
  • Works with Seizmik® LED Light Bar System, Mirror Kits, Upper Door Kit, Pro-Fit Doors and Hood Rack
  • Trailerable to 65 mph
  • UV-Resistant Polycarbonate:
  • Incredible shatter resistance: 200x more than glass
  • Very soft and flexible, so it scratches easier than acrylic
  • 88% light transmission
  • Very stable in temperatures up to 260°


  • Double-Sided, Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate:
  • All the benefits of regular polycarbonate
  • Uses a similar scratch-resistant hard coating applied to both sides of the windshield, resulting in a durable, scratch-resistant surface at an attractive price point

    Seizmik Vera-Fold Windshields
    Seizmik Vera-Fold Windshields
    Seizmik Vera-Fold Windshields
    Seizmik Vera-Fold Windshields